Before an accurate Web design project can be quoted, you need to determine what it will entail. Here are some questions I will need to ask to determine the price.

  • Do you have a domain name yet and will you need hosting?
  • About how many pages will need to be created?
  • Are you providing the images and/or design that will be used, or will I need to create these as part of the project?
  • Is there content for the site, or will I need to write it?
  • Can you use “stock” images or do I need to take digital images with my camera on site for editing?
  • How much long-term maintenance is going to be required?
  • When do you want the project completed?

Monthly Hosting If you do not have a domain name or hosting service. Very large websites, shopping carts or special needs may be more.

$15 Domain name registration

$250 set up fee

$20 per month basic

You must provide the majority of the content yourself.

This packages includes
 custom 3 page htm web site designed to represent your business with a user-friendly interface. Your pages can be home, about, services, location, and contact. Includes search engine keyword creator and stat counter on home page. Go with my suggestions or choose your own page names.
$250 per page with a 3 page minimum.

This packages includes a custom 5 page htm web site designed to represent your business with a user-friendly interface. Includes everything above plus bots to help search engines find you. You can have all the pages mentioned in the above package up to 5. You can include a photo gallery, a calendar of events or any other pages which will advertise your business.

Search Engine Position Optimization
Placement in search engines are critical for success on the internet, and does not need to cost an arm or a leg to achieve good results. This is included with all my sites. Update your current site.

$50 an hour

Site Maintenance
      - Weekly updates as needed
      - Maintain all content & links within your site.
      - Suggest ideas to keep your site web current.
      - Most updates are same day for critical information.(one business day)

$20 - $100 / Month

Website Reworks
    Need your website reworked, is it out dated or does it have broken links, no meta tags? If so we can help. Give it a new feel and look.  Sometimes this is all that is needed to get results with your websites.

1-5 pages average $1000
6-10 pages average $2500
11-20 pages average $3500
21+ pages average $5000 and up

Logo Banners
120 x 140 pixel banners designed and built to promote with that matches the graphics in your site. If you are in need a banner to quickly get your message on other web sites and contact number to viewers, we can help.

$40 set up $20 an hour graphics work.

On Site Photography 
      -  Personal visits to update to your site with photography. Editing after (airbrush, collages, galleries) $50 per hour.

$100 a visit + $50 an hour